Convergent Procedure

In a new study, researchers showed that the Convergent Procedure, a minimally invasive hybrid ablation procedure in which the cardiac surgeon and the electrophysiologist work side by side, helped persistent patients with atrial fibrillation maintain normal sinus rhythm without medication. For example, at the six-month post-procedure mark, 72 percent of patients maintained normal sinus rhythm without the use of antiarrhythmic drugs; this percentage increased to 80 percent at one year, and at two years, a small cohort (6/6) was all in sinus rhythm.

EP Lab Digest® continues to report on the use of the Convergent Procedure. In a recent article, Dr. Civello reported on his experience at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

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Social Media for the EP Professional

In EP Lab Digest®’s December 2012 issue, Kevin R. Campbell, MD, FACC looks into the convergence of social media, mHealth and medicine in 2012.The past year has seen the emergence of the e-patient (Internet or tech-savvy patient), a growing online presence of healthcare providers, the design of new medical apps, an addition of disease-specific online communities, and much more.


He adds that in 2013, “The new classroom will be online communities, Twitter chats and blogs.” Physicians should consider striving to build a greater online medical presence in the coming year by embracing the use of prescription apps, joining online communities and seminars, and becoming more involved with social media. I encourage you to check out his article here.


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Upcoming Education Needs Survey

As mentioned in a previous blog, EP Lab Digest® is planning to publish a new education needs survey. We are collaborating with the Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences to publish this upcoming survey.

The purpose of the survey will be to gauge interest in an online Bachelors degree in Electrophysiology for those practicing in the EP lab with RCIS, RN and RT credentials. The results of this survey will help in planning the program.

The survey is slated for our upcoming January 2013 issue, which will be distributed at the Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium. The survey will also be available as an online link. We hope you will take part in this featured survey!