Technology in the EP Lab

In a new article in EP Lab Digest®’s June 2014 issue, Dr. Nishant Verma and colleagues from Northwestern University discuss their recent opportunity to trial a smartphone-based wireless ECG monitor, the AliveCor© Heart Monitor, which resulted in a high level of physician and patient satisfaction. They conclude that the AliveCor Heart Monitor is an easy to use and convenient option for remote monitoring in patients with suspected arrhythmia.

In another technology-related article this month, Dr. Senthil K. Thambidorai and colleagues describe their use of Google Glass to transmit the images and videos of five simulated cases from the EP lab at Houston Northwest Hospital to a laptop at the UTH outpatient clinic. They note that using Google Glass in the EP lab helps them maintain a hands-free format as well as obtain an expert second opinion during cases.

In addition, in a new video series, Dr. Kevin R. Campbell with North Carolina Heart and Vascular, at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, talks about the AliveCor Heart Monitor and how it is revolutionizing EP care. He also provides commentary on how the Sunshine Act affects all of us, including physicians and industry.