Social Media and Clinicians: About our Interview Series

This month we round up our three-part series on EP clinicians and social media. In this article series in EP Lab Digest®, we highlighted various EP clinicians who more recently joined Twitter. These feature interviews described clinicians’ thoughts on joining the social media site, what their experience has been like, and tips to other clinicians considering joining social media.

In our September issue, EP Lab Digest® featured an interview with Pasquale Santangeli, MD from the Electrophysiology Section, Cardiovascular Division of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He can be found on Twitter at @Dr_Santangeli.

In the first installment of this interview series, we talked with Deb Halligan, RN, BSN, CCDS, Clinical Leader of the Pacemaker/ICD Clinic at North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts. She can be found on Twitter at @debhalligan. We also previously spoke with Suneet Mittal, MD, FACC, FHRS, Director of Electrophysiology for the Valley Hospital Health System. He can be found on Twitter at @drsuneet.


Have you checked out EP Lab Live recently?

EP Lab Live is a great resource for those in the cardiac electrophysiology field. It offers an extensive video library on EP  topics from clinical experts. A listing of current topics can be found here:

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•  Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Impact of the Antimicrobial Pouch on CIED Infection Rates
•  Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – The Economics of a CIED Infection
•  Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Wrap-Up and Q & A
•  Biventricular ICD Upgrade and Capsulectomy with TYRX™ Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope and PEAK PlasmaBlade®
•  Subcutaneous ICD (S-ICD™ System) Implant with Dr. Martin Burke
•  Device Pocket Management How to Maximize Life of Leads
•  CRT-D Pulse Generator Replacement/Capsulectomy Using PEAK PlasmaBlade
•  Chronotropic Incompetence: Prevalent, Relevant, Treatable
•  Advancements in Fluoro Reduction for the Electrophysiology Lab
•  Arctic Front Advance™ Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter: Simply Cool
•  Initial Experiences with the ThermoCool® SF Catheter Webinar
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•  Benefits of Advanced Technology in the EP Lab
•  Hemodynamic Support During Complex VT Ablation: Use of Impella 2.5
•  Maximizing integration with EP navigator’s real-time 3D image acquired in lab and Biosense Webster’s CARTO 3
•  Philips Advanced Tools in Practice — Recorded Live Case with Pierre Jaïs MD in Bordeaux-Pessac, France